Tuesday, July 29, 2008


okay...the News spot will be on the news WEDNESDAY.

On the news TODAY!!!

i just ran into Marty Quinn. he was on his way to NBC29 for an interview about the "Bike Mentor" program. he mentioned that the meeting had gone well the other night and i assume he will be talking about that. he said it should be on the news today, so...tune in. NBC29: Channel 4: on the TV.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

10% off Everything

maybe this would work?? i got this in an email, and have been sending it to local businesses.
Pass it on to some of the shops you like!

This is a way of supporting local business, bicycle commuting, and the environment. It allows local businesses to offer patrons, who traveled by bike to the store/shop, a discount on all goods and services. The amount of the discount (in the range of 5%-15%) is for the business to decide.

This proposition will not be posed to non-local business

Advantages include:

Increased business/sales.
More customers/clientele
Publicly supporting alternative transportation
Being networked with many other Charlottesville businesses who participate.

To get started, decide how much of a discount you will offer. Then start giving that discount to people who have a helmet in hand, bike with them, or obviously look like they are riding a bike. After people know about the discount you offer, they may inform you that they rode in by bike. You may choose to advertise your discount and or involvement. Choosing to put the bicycle wheel “logo” on you door, window, register, or somewhere else, will be a good way to inform patrons easily (logo should be attached in the email). Feel free to use it in other form of advertising, or alter it, there is no copyright or regulation.

You may decide to be strongly active in this or just a little active, is completely up to you.

Nobody will be “in charge” of this movement. It is simply an idea thrown out there, and it’s free to become whatever Charlottesville makes it. So, feel free to put any twist on it that you see fit.

This idea was thought up by a few local commuters who work at local businesses. Please help advocate bike commuting and local business by participating and spreading the word. You may pass this along to other businesses.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Bike Mentor Program for Charlottesville!

Shawn Strubee teamed up with ACCT to start a bike mentor program for Charlottesville this month. The first volunteer meeting to sign up bike mentors and get help with advertising and program development will be on Tuesday, July 22, at the Charlottesville Community Design Center (100 5th St NE, Charlottesville) at 7:00pm. Come out and help more people to get comfortable bicycling in our community!

Friday, July 11, 2008

An interesting sighting on my commute

I probably ride my bike to work 4 out of 5 days a week from Locust Grove to the UVA Hospital to the construction site on work at. Same route every day, but it seems there are always different things happening. On the beautiful morning yesterday 7/10/08, I happened to have my camera and snapped a few pics of this hot air balloon, which I see on a regular basis.
The pictures don't quite do it justice, it seemed a lot closer at the time!
I thought it was going to clip some trees!

Unfortunately, a little further down the road Locust Ave was closed off because two large trees had fallen the night before at Martha Jeff and took down some power lines.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

carry me to the...


who could resist asking for a ride when one of your friends has a ride like this? i know that everyone has (recently) seriously considered riding on your firend's handlebars or that "i'll sit on the seat, and you stand up and pedal" thing. But when you know folk who hook it up with a sweet set of pegs, you can piggy back in style and comfort!

and check out that rockin' basket up front!


Monday, July 7, 2008

Write is right

Commuting? Riding to the store? Hate traffic? Love your ride? hate your ride? Got a photo? did you hit roadkill?


POST. and pass it on.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

dreaming of awesome

i was in Boston last week and stoped by the IF shop to check it out. you wouldn't believe the amount of amazing bikes there but, this it the one that stuck out the most. IF's Coffee Shop bike!! it was made as their commemorative 10th anniversary bike but, quickly found it self pulling coffee duty. everyone at the shop jumps at a chance to push it's pedals, and break in that brooks a little more.

it's got dried up coffee on it, and plenty of wear from "parking." Aahhhhh.....sounds perfect!

cold one

Dave Tevendale, your mobile charlottesville bike mechanic, and Nolan, your local tuff man, take a few to help re-assemble a rear derailleur, so this guy can ride to the store to buy a frosty late morning/early afternoon beverage.

this was during the, now, second annual Rivanna Trail circumnavigation ride. the ride moved at a blistering pace, for an average of 5 MPH. also included were a few flats, a Bodos break, 7eleven stop, a little back tracking, and a killer BBQ at James and Johanna's.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Seen this one?

Bike rack at McGuffey Park.

go to work early, work until the sun is almost down, then walk around McGuffy park. this rack will make you jump out of your pants.

it's good.

Ride to Work, Work to Ride.

a few days ago i was trying to come up with reasons to give my employer to offer incentives for folk who ride into work. i started scanning the web and i came across this. http://www.bv.com.au/file/file/RTW/BICY%20-%20Cycle-Fndly%20Workplaces_v12.pdf
it's basically a presentation on bike commuting benefits, for employee, and employer. it outlines necessities, accommodations, and rewards really well. Since i shared this with everyone at work, 3 other people have joined in on riding to work. now a coworker and i meet up three times a week to ride in together.