Friday, August 29, 2008

Road Shwag?

Has anyone found any cool stuff on their morning or evening commute? I am sure there's plenty of interesting items littering the roads of Charlottesville. I found a hat this morning. It was rain soaked and grungy and I certainly will not put it on my dome until it gets a thorough laundering, but I will post a pick once it's fit for human consumption again.

What have you found on your commute to/from work (that was worth keeping)?


Andy Kinley said...

I found a nice wood chisel that is now in my tool collection.

Also, I found a girl's cell phone. It started to ring 2 minutes after I picked it up. It was the owners Mom and she was excited that I found it. She met me out on the road and got it back.

Davetoo said...

I've found two pairs of sunglasses. 1 nice set of vaurnets and another that I wore for about 3 weeks before someone told me they were the ones you get for free after going to the optometrist. Also, a nice crescent wrench, a front wheel from an old bike, and all the bungee cords I own came from the road I commute on.

. said...

two weeks ago i found a painting (or what looked to be a cheap copy of one). i've also found: a wrench, key to a vending machine, toy keys for a baby, lots of cigarette butts, and to top it off an past due bill that fell out of my bag the day before.

Kyle said...

i found a rubber snake, on Park Street. i thought it was dead but, it was just rubber.