Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bike PROM Tonight!!!

The Happy Rickshaw World HQ is hot and ready for Bike Prom tonight, 9pm to 2am.
The weatherman is calling for temperatures in the 70's, with increasingly chilled beverages throughout the night, and a 100% chance of sweating on the dance floor.
Yes people, the party is indoors and heated, so you can take that slinky dress off the hanger tonight.
Bring CASH for donations at the bar. We've got Starr Hill, wine, and margaritas on the ready.
We have sequestered DJ Western Front in a dark room where he's been meditating and channeling his chi towards tonight's transcendental dance rager.
There's so much love in this town.
See you tonight,
Happy Rickshaw
Directions from the Corner: 201 Elliott Ave., Charlottesville, VA 22902
· Go down West Main St. until you hit Ridge Rd. (head Downtown)
· @ light, go RIGHT on Ridge Rd.
· @ 2nd light, make LEFT onto Elliott Ave.
· Take next LEFT (Warehouse is far corner of 1st & Elliott)
· Look for flames, lights, or listen for bass.

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