Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Am Toast.

Got to ride the Urban Cross Race, or whatever it's called, put on by Bluewheel at the IX Building.  Great weather, cool people everywhere, some bikes I actually liked- not just nerdy space-ship looking things.  The course was the brainchild of Scott Paisley, totally killer and with a couple of added features that made for good grunting, cursing and wiping out: the "Stairway to Heaven'', which was a set of about 12 or 15 steps built into to face of the hill, and the "Litter Box"- a sand trap long, deep and wide enough to take down plenty of riders to the delight of picturetakers and supporters who sensed the comedic potential.  This was a fun course.
I actually started in one race and flatted out before I even made the first lap.  Bridge and Kyle were there like an instant pit crew and had me rolling again.  I made it a whole 3/4 of a lap and got a pinch flat.  Doh.  So, I was out of this one.
I went inside to get a tube to make the ride home and was told that I could enter the Master's 35-45 age group.  Sweet!  So, Bridge provided another tube, and I got rolling again, amused that aging had paid off again.
Of course, the age of this group did nothing to stop them from whipping my ass-  I was 23rd out of 37.  But I was satisfied with my performance, considering it was my first cross race in 6 yrs.  I never pushed my bike uphill, all my mounts and dismounts were clean (no stutter steps) and I never went down in the sandpit.  Then I had a PBR with Cholula sauce, and I burrito from Aqui Es Mexico.  A good day of bike fun and positive attitudes.  I am wasted tired.  

Big thanks to Kyle and Bridge for the pit support and cheering, and my house mates Christopher, Grace, River and Holden for showing up and staying through both races.  And getting me a burrito.

Hmm...since it's the only thing in the fridge beer related, I wonder how Country Club will do with some Tobasco?

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scott said...

Glad to hear you got to ride the Urban Cross--I couldn't ride, but took the kid to see part of it.

Here are some pictures.