Monday, October 6, 2008

492.5 MILES!

That's right four hundred ninty two miles!  The list below has the current points standings as of midnight last night.  It looks like JN has taken the lead with many many short trips.  Other people in the top ranks seem to be racking up the points with longer trips on heavy bikes.

It's still *very* early in the month so we'll see who keeps trucking along steadily and who fades into laziness.  

Remember to submit your miles you must complete the survey.  You must click the "Done" button at the end.  
Note:  The points listed above include all of the bonus points for rain, weight etc.  The total mileage is just the raw mileage that we've all tallied together over one short week of riding to work.  


Noah said...

Alright! Great work guys.

One question; is the bonus for riding a fixie 1.25 or 1.5? The mileage submission page and most other references to it say 1.5 but the math based on the points posted this morning indicate only 1.25 bonus.

Just something that should clarified.

Keep on riding!


James G. said...

good catch. I think you are right, it should be 1.5. I'll make the appropriate change. If I get to it soon, I'll repost the points. Otherwise, it will be reflected in next Monday's update. Thanks for keeping me honest.

Butch said...

Well, that does it. It's gonna have to be fixie for October. I just wish that College Drive wasn't what it is. Y'know, totally hard.

By the way--if coming in to be calibrated is necessary, how long does it take? Tuesday is the only day I can come, and then only for the time it takes. As I stated in an earlier comment, I have calibrated according to the directions for 700c x 23. It is a Axiom, if that means anything.

I do not mean to be resistant on this, but I didn't see anything about calibration till late saturday night, and nursing school= total domination for a non-student such as I.



jneil said...

Yes, my bike is 38 lbs bare - without the trailer.

I'll plan to get a computer this week if I can stomach putting a computer on a 50 year old bike. Mechanical speedometers are hard to come by these days. That's why all the short trips. I've mapped all my routes by google pedometer.

And yes, I admit to using my car on Saturday. After 6 hours on the rickshaw, trying to ride home would've been silly.

-j said...

Okay, so, I'm last. I figured that'd happen. I'd like to bolster my pathetic "1" with the other 10 miles I've commuted, but not recorded yet. In my defense, those miles account for all my trips to work, and one emergency trip to forest lakes.

However, all that craziness aside, those 10 miles accomplish something more important than moving me from last place to.. well, still last place. They make the total weekly mileage break 500 miles. Woo!


p.s. I'm going to have to move further from work and the store to move up the list on this thing!

MC said...

I forgot to log my miles for last week, just did it this morning. Does that mean I don't have my miles counted for Oct. 1-5?


James G. said...

All of the miles will be counted. You should see them show up next Monday. I just used the midnight cutoff for the miles that I would include in the current standings.

Jim said...

I finally got access to the site can I log all my miles this month at one time or should I do it single ride at a time.

James G. said...


You can do it all at once if you want to. I think I have two of your rides from earlier in the month so make sure you don't double count those.


Jim said...

So I ride extra overwhat I need to get to work - riding the long way so my mileage is high!