Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ozzy Rides A Fixie?

Been sick for a week, haven't ridden since last wednesday.  It's frightening how fast you start to feel like a soft-bellied channel-changer.  On the mend, though...

In other news, if anyone is looking for something to do on Halloween Night, there is a benefit for the Charlottesville Derby Dames at the IX building, complete with DJ and the World's Largest Black Sabbath Tribute Band, MASS SABBATH.

Mass Sabbath only plays on Halloween.  This year, 2 drummers, 2 bass players, 3 guitarists, 1 violin, 1 cello, and 1 Ozzy will deliver the dark sounds of doom and love (B-Sab was kinda, y'know...peace, love) in C sharp.

Yours Truly as Ozzy.

Roller Derby women.  Sabbath.  Blood.

Get yours.

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