Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Commuter Race

I was hanging out with the boyz at C'ville Bike and Tri the other day and we came up for an idea for a commuter race.  It's not a race in the sense that we go head to head on the same course to see who's the fasest, but it's more of a points series.  You accumulate points based on mileage, weather conditions and the weight of your gear.  

We are still working out the kinks but this is what we have for the scoring so far.  
  • You get 1 pt for every mile that you ride (partial points ok)
  • Rain during that leg gets double points for that leg only.
  • There will be extra points for riding a fixie (maybe 1.25-1.5x)
  • You get extra points based on the weight of your bike and gear (backpack, panniers, etc) 30-40 lbs = 1pt  40-50 lbs = 2pts  >50 lbs = 3pts. 
  • Sending in a mustache photo earns 5 points, being selected is another 5 pts.
Additional guidelines
  • The commuter challenge will begin October 1.
  • You must have a calibrated computer to account for the miles.
  • Joy rides, training rides, etc do not count towards the mileage.  Grocery trip however DO count.
  • You will most likely have to register for the race and submit your times a few times a week.
  • Current standings will be posted every Monday AM.
Stay tuned for additional details...


CMDR said...

You forgot part of the inclimate weather clause.
<50 =1pt p/m
<40 =2pts
<32 =4pts
<0 =free ambulance ride and treatment for frostbite.

James G. said...

Good point. I forgot about the temperature clause. I think we should do points per leg...

Also, someone that frequently rides to the bus stop then rides to work from the bus stop asked about a point for riding the bus. I think that's's not driving and still in line with the ACCT.

polly said...

I vote no.
It's about biking, not just commuting. We would have to give people extra points for walking too.

marty said...

I like it. And I'm glad I'm not the guy who has to keep track of these points. I will mount a computer on my fixy before Oct 1! Dang, that is going to clutter up my cockpit though.

MC said...

Mustache points? Would this mean photos of anyone's mustache? Or, would I have to grow my own and photograph it?

If it must be one's own mustache which is photographed and submitted, I propose that there should be more points awarded to female bicycle commuters who submit their mustache photos. In other words, I propose that a gender-based weighting for mustache points be considered.

I suggest this because I believe that growing a decent looking mustache for most females is considerably more difficult than it would be for the males.

Although, I can see an argument for keeping the points competition simple.


James G. said...

mc you have a very good point. The mustache bonus points are in place as an incentive to boost the mustache participation. However, I don't want to have any sort of gender bias in the event.

Maybe as long as the mustache *photo* is can submit the stache. I'll have to get some clarification on this before the Oct 1 release date.

Craig said...

what if you don't have a job?

CMDR said...

That's a good question Craig.
Errands do count for total mileage.

Butch said...

I am so there...although riding the fixie up college drive and back down will be a special time. Time to flip it to the 18t. ---So, shall we submit all the riding we do, and let the judges decide which stuff counts? I'm thinking 'I just got off work and now I will get beer, then ride home'. Not trying to complicate it...

Points for boxes delivered on handlebars?

whatever. This is a great idea!


James G. said...


It's really at your discretion which miles you submit. I think any trips that you could have taken in a car but chose to do by bike should be counted.

Home --> work --> home --> beer run --> video rental --> home.

That all counts.

On the other hand if you are doing repeaters up O-hill and training for cross season...don't count those.