Monday, September 15, 2008

Need Some Beta Testers

I've got an idea for submitting miles as part of the commuter race series but I would like a few people that I can use as beta testers.  I just need you to try out the system and give me feedback.  It's pretty quick but this will help me figure out a good way to compile the scores and hopefully improve the submission system before the live release.  If you can help out reply here and I'll send you an email.


CMDR said...

Hey James,

YOu know I'm on it. Tell me what you need.

marty said...

James, I was going to be a beta tester, but I tweaked my knee last week and may be facing surgery, so I am out of this commute comp. But I am forcing a lot of people to carpool since I need a ride everywhere i go! silver lining my friend.