Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Commutter Challenge is Open

Here's the deal... 

We will tally results via a simple survey.  You will basically tally your mileage as often as you need to.  

You must complete the survey for the miles to count.  So even if you only have one leg to input, just click through the second page until you are finished...It's very quick. 


If you do not see your name in the first question, let me know.  I'll have to add you to the list so we can compile all of the results.  

If you have any questions, feel free to post here. 



CMDR said...

Everyone has to have a computer mounted solely to their commuter bike. No switching bikes!
Also, you must have your computer calibrated at C'ville Bikes by the end of week 1 (the 7th) or face disqualification.
So far the only ones who have had this done are the people who work here: CMDR, P-Hizza, Valdis.

-j said...

I did a roll-out test last night and set the cyclometer via the results. My 26x1.5" slick rolled out to 235 inches for 3 revolutions, or 1,989.6666667 mm per revolution.

The cyclometer is programmed for a wheel circumference of 1,990mm.

I formally submit this as "good enough" calibration for a challenge with no prizes!


CMDR said...

Oh, but there are prizes, or a prize.
The Carving Board Cafe has offered one weeks free lunches! to the winner. This place is the Bomb and if you don't want to win that much than fine, I will eat all the goodness in the world while you cry from hunger pangs in your belly! HAHAHAHAHA!

Jim said...

James, Can you add me to the list and I will put in a long ride tommorrow

Bob said...

James, pls add me to the list. thx

Noah said...

Can you add me to the list?


James G. said...


You have all been added with those names

We do have an issue though. *I* am Big Jim and someone has been submitting miles under that name.

Let's get this straightened out ASAP.

-j said...

Feel free to submit your miles to my account, i'll take them. :)


jeremy said...

Can you add me to the list for the commuter challenge?


CMDR said...

Reminder to all: JOY RIDES DO NOT COUNT!!! Just because you signed up a day late, means you still need to be COMMUTING going to a place for a purpose. NOT just to rack up the miles for additional points/

Bob said...

We're doomed. Mallfellow will beat us all.

Noah said...

Hey, a couple quick questions now that I've logged a few commutes;

How are you determining the temperature? There's no place to enter it nor is there a place to enter the time of day the ride took place. Leaving my house this morning around 5:45am it was right at 40 degrees. By 8am (once the sun's up, we'll be up into the 50s easy.

Also, I record all my rides via a Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS unit - do I still need to go to Cville Bike & Tri to have it 'calibrated'?


James G. said...

Good questions Noah. I think for now we may just throw out the cold weather hero points. I would like to keep the calculations as simple as possible with a *few* incentives. I think weight and rain will be good for now.

and Jeremy, you are in now.

Noah said...

James G. - OK, sounds good (and will definitely be easier all around).

What about the calibration question?


Butch said...

Hey gang--
I use both my fixie and my cross bike to get around. I have a little stack of zip ties and I have been moving the computer to and fro. I use the same front wheel-I just take it off to save from unscrewing the magnet over and over. I usually ride the cross bike to go to PVCC bc that hill is a mofo for the fixie ( I plan to put on an easier gear, though) and I get around on the fix for around town, work, beer, red-light district. So, how does this fit into only using one bike? Also, I hope I can come in on Sunday if the shop is open, if this is necessary. My computer is calibrated for the 700c 23 tires I am riding via the directions that came with my Axiom A10W. So, let me know what you think.
I havent been getting home by midnight the last couple of nights so I doubled a day up. Infact, I used the first leg of my latest log for Friday, which I did with gears. I used the second leg portion for saturday, which I did on my fix, complete with computer switchalization.
--I know this is a bit nitpicky, but I am just trying to be as transparent as possible so that I can make the honor roll.
Ya'll tear it up.